Full Spectrum Construction Services

Welding Fabrication

At Cascade Enterprises Inc., we believe in creating products of exceptional value. We are self-sufficient in being able to fabricate the necessary parts in-house, requiring a full complement of machine tools plus skilled personnel. Our welding department is well-versed in using the most commonly employed processes. We will fabricate to a customer’s specifications and aid in the design. We are
well-equipped and well-staffed to produce either simple or complex systems.
Our welding and fabrication services include construction projects in HVAC, plumbing, architectural sheet metal, specialty sheet metal, and process piping projects. Our Welder Quality Control Programs are rigorous and meet AWS requirements – “We write the procedures your needs require.”
We bring the highest level of professionalism to the construction industry. We strive to make our projects successful through solid planning, clear communication, and superior service. Our field crews service all of the Treasure Valley. From the erection of a multi-story structural steel building to hanging stairs and installing glass railing, our field ironworkers go above and beyond to install our products and keep projects on schedule.


Our professional staff works together to produce high-quality projects suited to the needs of each individual client.
We facilitate frequent communication between owners, contractors, project managers and the client. We emphasize safety awareness and adherence from the time of project start-up to close-out.
Our construction management services have been proven to save owners time and money while promoting quality design and construction. Properly executed, these services provide specific expertise at each phase of a project thereby promoting an organized, efficient, and well-managed process.

Natural Gas

We are a company that specializes in water, oil, and natural gas pipeline installation and maintenance. We use fusion or mechanical fittings to join piping, test all facilities to ensure quality and safety, and dig carefully around underground utility pipelines. We also apply standard engineering techniques, procedures, and criteria to evaluate and select the best piping systems and equipment. We monitor and adjust the operating conditions of pipelines and related equipment to meet government safety and environmental requirements.

cascade enterprises


If you need to install or repair wastewater or water treatment systems, we are the experts you can trust. We have the skills and experience to handle reverse osmosis, whole water treatment, and pumping systems. We also offer maintenance, diagnosis, and troubleshooting services for your water treatment equipment. Whether you need to operate plant/pump station equipment, monitor and adjust the process, operate plant centrifuge, or ensure plant effluent quality, we can help you. We can also take care of the odor control system and perform regular inspections and repairs on the plant machinery. Contact us today and let us take care of your underground and wastewater needs.

Underground and Wastewater

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